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It all began many years ago in kindergarten while attending Catholic schools. Dean's musical career started with playing guitar for all of 6 weeks - it didn't take. A couple of years later he tried piano, but that only lasted a couple of weeks, definitely didn't take; we're told the piano teacher went running out of the room. The following Christmas, Santa brought a practice pad and a pair of drumsticks and Dean found his calling. Fortunately for Dean, his father was a music educator and professional trumpet player, so he grew up around lots of jazz and classical music, surrounded by the arts. In middle school, he studied with private teachers and played in the school concert band and jazz bands. Then came high school, marching bands, and lots of contests and concerts. Dean was a member of the All-State Concert Band and Jazz Band in his junior and senior years, respectively.

After high school, Dean was definitely not ready for more school. During a weekend in Austin, TX, he sat in with a friend's band in a club on 6th street, which ended up as an audition, which ended up with him moving to Austin the day after graduating from high school and joining a band.

Austin proved to be a great training ground because there where so many great players in town. Every night you could see someone who was just burning. While in Austin, Dean played with and opened for such acts as: Spyro Gyra, The Commodores, The Jets, Joe Henderson, Dennis Dotson, Trik Trax, and many more.

After 10 years in the Austin area, Dean moved back to San Antonio, TX (where he grew up) for a break from the scene for about a year. While in San Antonio, he got a call from an old friend in Colorado who said,"Come on out and audition for this band out here, they're called Buster Brown." So out to CO it was in the summer of '91, and out on the road once again, this time to the Northwest.

After 5 years of covering the road and the west, it was time to settle down a bit. Dean started working in in the Denver/Boulder area, doing society work and freelancing as a drummer with acts such as: Sally Taylor (daughter of James Taylor), Hazel Miller, Nina Storey, One-Up, Opie Gone Bad, Freddie and Henchi Band, Wendy Woo Band, Blackdog, Rebecca Folsom, Linda Lewellyn, Mambotet, Mood Express, Jonnie O Band, Being Lara Maukovich, and many others. Society companies Dean has worked with include Moments Notice Entertainment and PRO Entertainment.

Dean currently lives and teaches in Evergreen, CO. He is a sought-after sideman who performs with many different artists. Visit the Links page for details. And be sure to visit the Calendar page on this website for a list of gigs and clinics he'll be doing.

Dean plays Sabian Cymbals, Tribes Drums, Darby Drum Company snare drums, Yamaha hardware, and Vic Firth sticks and mallets.


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